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Stratagem act for clients who want to change the lawful use of their property. A common scenario is the change from commercial premises to residential use, to allow the creation of flats or houses.

A material change to the use of land is usually regarded as 'development' and may require planning permission. The rules relating to changes of use are complex.

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The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended) sets out and classifies a range of uses of land. Any change of use within the same ‘class’ will not require planning permission, while changes to a different use class often do require planning permission.

In recent years, a number of types of change of use have become Permitted Development, subject to certain limitations and conditions. We can advise on whether this route might be utilised in a particular case and of any risks to a successful outcome.

Our planning consultants are expert in pursuing planning permissions for change of use. We have years of experience in presenting robust arguments for changes of use in order to provide the best possible chance of success.

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