Obtaining planning permission is not always straightforward, which is why we offer planning services that can be delivered independently or as part of a full service offering.

Whether you are developing a prime residential property, undertaking an infill development, or changing the use of a property, Stratagem's services are tailored to provide a strategy which results in the best possible outcome. We have particular experience of  working on sites with complex constraints.

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What we do

Development feasibility and site appraisals

We can assess the prospects of specific development proposals, as well as providing advice on optimising the development potential of a property or site you own or are considering buying

Pre-application enquiries

We prepare and submit pre-application enquiries and lead on discussions with the planning authority.

Planning Applications

The process of making a planning application is daunting and time-consuming, even for experienced developers and architects. Our knowledge of working within the planning system make us one of London’s leading consultancies for urban infill work. Our experience means we can determine a strategy for your application which gives it the best possible chance of success.

Stratagem has an exceptional record of achieving planning successes for challenging urban sites, including conservation areas, maximising planning potential for our clients.

Our experts coordinate the preparation and submission of planning applications, managing the liaison with local authorities and other stakeholders. We project manage your application from beginning to end.

Listed Buildings Consent

Any work to a building listed by Historic England requires Listed Buildings Consent from the relevant local authority. The requirement for Listed Building Consent is entirely separate from the requirement for planning permission and is required even in cases in which the proposed works fall under 'Permitted Development'.

Our specialists can advise on what is likely to be acceptable in terms of work to a listed building. We can prepare a Heritage Statement to make a robust case for the proposed works being compliant with relevant legislation and policy, and can coordinate and submit an application for Listed Building Consent.

Planning statements

Drawing on an extensive knowledge of planning legislation and policy, we will meticulously research and prepare Planning Statements in support of applications. These will explain the proposal clearly and justify the case for development.
Every submission requires a unique Planning Statement which addresses the specific circumstances of the proposed development. The quality of the case presented in the Planning Statement can have a decisive bearing on the outcome of an application.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CIL is charged by Local Authorities and by the Mayor.

Local Authority CIL is a charge levied by local authorities on new development in their area. The amount of the charge will depend on the local authority and the type of the development.

As well as local authority CIL, Mayoral CIL (MCIL) is also applied to new development across London.

There are exemptions and relief available for both types of CIL. For example, certain self-build schemes and social housing.

It is vital that those embarking on new development take this charge into account when assessing the viability of sites and projects. The process of calculating liability, reliefs and exemptions for CIL requires careful management. There are procedural requirements and deadlines which effect developers’ liability for CIL.
As well as CIL, developments can incur planning obligations, also known as Section 106 Agreements. These are used by planning authorities to make a development acceptable where otherwise it would not be. We provide advice on the management of s106 obligations and, where possible, will negotiate these on your behalf.

Planning appeals

Applicants who have been unsuccessful in obtaining planning permission can appeal a planning decision to the Planning Inspectorate to consider the case afresh.

We regularly act for clients in relation to appeals. In the first instance we can advise on the prospects of success at appeal. Where we feel an appeal is worthwhile, we can prepare a Statement of Case to support the appeal as well as managing the entire appeal process.

There are strict requirements and deadlines, and we will ensure that these are met.

Engagement and public liaison

Stratagem will assemble specialist teams to seek to neutralise opposition to applications, and manage relationships and communications with neighbours, consultees, local councillors, amenity societies, and other interested groups.

Project management

Stratagem works with an extensive network of "tried and tested" cognate professionals, and will assemble and manage teams best suited to your project in order to produce the strongest possible planning application.

We can manage the tender process for supporting consultants.

We also work with a wide range of architects and can assist with the selection of an architect appropriate for your project, either from those we have worked with before, or from others you may be considering.


Our basic service is offered on an hourly rate or fixed fee.

We offer a range of fee structures including fixed fee which can be staged according to each phase of your project.  

Contact us to discuss the most suitable fee structure for your project.

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