Our Approach

At Stratagem, we place great importance on identifying and agreeing strategy with clients at an early stage, in order to achieve the best outcome as efficiently and as quickly as possible, and at the lowest cost.
Stratagem is proactive in identifying solutions to get projects moving. We understand the challenges and stresses of engaging with under-resourced local planning authorities and seek to make the experience as stress-free and positive as it can be.

Stratagem's planners attach great value to getting architectural visions through the planning system without being compromised or “dumbed down” by the many regulatory considerations having a bearing on planning decision-making.

We are always seeking to harness the potential of the latest developments in PlanTech to provide the best possible solution for our clients.

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Our Values


Expertise, efficiency, and a positive attitude are the essential ingredients to make things happen for Stratagem's clients. Exceptional personal service and client care are integral to our approach. Policy and law are always changing, and Stratagem's planners maintain an up-to-date knowledge of planning legislation and policy, drawing on this to solve problems.

Commercial Awareness

We have an acute awareness of the financial challenges faced by property developers and the commercial realities in which they work. Supporting our clients in achieving their commercial goals is one of our key objectives.
We pride ourselves on working with developers who build strong, profitable businesses whilst promoting the sustainability of the built environment and our communities.


Stratagem's planners believe in being straightforward. We are honest about development prospects, providing direct and jargon-free advice.

Where there are significant challenges, we will find the best way through.


At Stratagem, we believe that our built environment should be sustainable, not just environmentally, but socially and economically. Our planners seek both to serve our clients and to have a positive influence on the way in which the urban fabric is developed.

How We Work

The Stratagem service is personal and accessible, and we always go the extra mile for our clients. We seek to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution and recognise the value that our clients place on minimising delays.

Effectively communicating with local planning authorities is vital for a successful outcome. Stratagem employ tenacity and a wealth of experience in our interactions, using a calm and considered approach underpinned by excellent communication skills, as well as analytical rigour to overcome every obstacle.

We treat every project as unique at Stratagem. Our professional and approachable planners provide a personal service, tailored for every project, reinforced with a deep understanding of planning policy and practice. We guarantee that your project will be supervised by the practice director, to whom you will always have access.

We keep up to date with the constantly evolving planning legislation and policy landscape, which means we can confidently advise on new development opportunities as these arise. We seek to be early-adopters of PlanTech and other relevant software so that we can provide the most innovative and effective service.

Contact Stratagem's planners now if you would like to discuss a site, project, or development opportunity.

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“Stratagem provided a strong direction on what would likely be a successful alternative approach.Their guidance to the architect working collaboratively with them and justifying the approach with their Planning Statement delivered a very successful outcome for which we are very grateful.”

Peter Buckley, client

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